Monday, July 21, 2008

Garrard Updaten - Posa v Motorhead

The venerable Garrard has been placed in a test plinth with an Origin Live Tonearm and a Denon 103R cartridge. Also a 1964 vintage Leak Stereo 20 now replaces the Conrad-Johnson on the bass duties. I had the Leak refurbished with new caps and a completely rewound power transformer. A Chinese Yaquin valve phono stage replaces the Conrad Johnson pre-amp. The change in sound quality is a revelation - deeper bass - pace, rhythm and timing are spot on with the Garrard's metronome like speed stability and the Denon 103R seems to synch really well with the arm. In fact both the Garrard and the Denon 103 were used in the broadcasting industry throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s so there is a nice synergy there. The treble horns still need some calming - at the moment a second Stereo 20 is on duty but they really need a Single Ended Triode 300B amp or suchlike - hmmmm...

Toltec puts good juju into the Leak for much auspicious rocka-rolla.

Yes it looks like a 1950s oven top crossed with a school science project but the sound ahhh the sound...

Peter Posa rips 'White Rabbit' and inhabits real 3D space but ultimately Lemmy destroys him with weight and authority - the sound of chaffing leather thighs is clearly audible. God what IS that smell...?

Chinese phono stage complete with Star Wars Sandpeople eyes for valve covers - two sandpeople died for this phono amp but it was worth it.

It's a mess and it could kill you.

More expensive than hard drugs but not as dangerous...

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