Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Doozy Dream

This is the first dream I have died in - a strange experience to be sure.

I am in a flat somewhere. It is not obvious where but it feels like Los Angeles ( I have no idea why it feels like L.A. ). I open a door and "what the fuck?" there is a field of Opium poppies growing under big industrial lights. I turn to a guy standing next to me and he says "Oh yeah - I'm dealing a bit of Opium."

Some murky unknown shit-hits-the-fan. I am told it would be a good idea to "drive into the sticks."

I am driving some big-mother 4x4 and come to a large crevice in the road. It has two logs that correspond to the width of my wheels so I attempt to drive over the crevice. Halfway across I screw up and the 4x4 slips off the logs and gets jammed. "Oh this is just fucking great" I think and I get out to take a look.

Well I am only right on top of some swanky cafe and looking at some big black guy's Caesar Salad. He is with his girlfriend. There are wood chips falling into the Caesar Salad.

He pulls out a gun and shoots me. I see the bullet all Matrix slow-mo like and it hits my chest.

Everything goes black (no shit - it really does.).

I remember thinking "Hey, being dead ain't so bad."


rosemarygrrl said...

That is a very powerful dream gift given to you from your higher self. The key is remembering that you thought 'hey death ain't so bad', and relising that the fear of death is at the root of all fears. Whatever you are afraid of it wont kill you and even if it did, death ain't so bad, your higher conciousness was just reminding you of what you already know to be so. If you can see death not as something to fear but just a part of the continuing flow of life you will be free of all of your fears and well on the way to enlightenment grasshopper ; )

JK Russ said...

awesome dream, awesome interpretation. I've often dreamed about alligators scarily lurking in the mud, then not long ago one actually swallowed me up, but I wasn't afraid. Same kind of deal I guess...