Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been having some extraordinarily vivid dreams lately, something a put down to an increase of bulgur wheat in my diet and my practice of having a Single Malt as a nightcap. In one recent one I was involved in a protest on the side of a hill, for what I do not know. Next minute I was among some Union officials who where moving furniture into a tunnel in the side of the hill. Suddenly the place was full of Zombies and I had a bright pink Boa Constrictor snake as an ally in what was to become a full-on rumble. The Boa Constrictor let itself be eaten by another (larger) snake and then constricted it from the inside in a gory mess. I helped by performing BMX bike tricks, knocking off Zombie heads with my front wheel whilst doing 'wheel stands.'

Last night I woke in a cold sweat and repeatedly asked where I was. I cold not recognise my room for some time. Previous to that I had been riding a large mechanical Moa bird (being operated from within by an old friend, Wok, whom I have not seen for some years). We did battle with some Maori warriors. Managing to escape the skirmish the Moa and I found ourselves in a large car park where we loomed upon an elderly Japanese man. The look on his face turned from incredulity to absolute horror.

That was when I woke up asking where I was.


David Cauchi said...

Freud'd've a field day with those snakes.

No. 0003 said...

Yes yes he would...